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ARBOS management advisors GmbH (ARBOS) was founded in June 2005; its company name is a derivation of the Latin word "arbor", the tree. In this context this stands symbolically for a living system, for growth, branching out and enlargement.


ARBOS is a network of consultants in the region of Central- and South-Eastern Europe including Ukraine. The experts employed within this framework originate from the individual countries of the mentioned region and have comprehensive experience in their respective field of activity.


ARBOS management advisors’ team has carried out — or is now implementing — mandates from private and institutional clients for the acquisition or sale of companies as well as for other services offered in Austria, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Italy, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Macedonia, Moldava, Montenegro and the Ukraine.


Regardless of the long lasting experience and the numerous references ARBOS has decided to offer its services in a small and effective core team but with external experts in long-term cooperations. This, in order to create the ideally matching team for each and every project based on the client's demands and project execution. This ensures to have the right specialist employed in the respective countries, with deep insight of the local circumstances, languages as well as cultural background.

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